Friday, October 15, 2010

Arts destination

Art is always within easy reach in Corning, whether on Market Street, nearby side streets or just over the river at the Corning Museum of Art. Amateurs and budding artists can try their hand at glass making at CMOG's The Studio or (also on the northside) at Hands On Glass. And there is a new store on Market Street that sells supplies for glass artists.

There seems to be something for everyone, and I personally find at least one piece of art to admire in every location. Visitors can see glass art, western art, jewelry, wood, paintings in oil and water colors.

A glimpse of the huge Dale Chihuly glass tree in the lobby of Corning Museum of Glass...

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Sometimes the building that houses the art is art itself. Remember to occasionally stop and look up when walking on Corning NY's streets.

Corning, New York Named Among Top 25 Arts Destinations By American Style Readers (HPWireless

Photograph by S. Orr..

Corning Art & Frame
Corning Museum of Glass
Exhibit A
Rockwell Museum of Western Art
Tom Gardner
The Arts
Vitrix Hot Glass Studio
West End Gallery

Nature vs. Structure

Corning Inc.'s "Black Building" on Pulteney Street has such great structure lines.

After weeks of walking by and seeing the building as a whole, I started looking at it in smaller segments, admiring the curving lines of adjacent trees.


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At the east end of the building stands a grove of trees. Ideal for climbing and treehouses and yearbook photos, they are, alas, the private property of Corning Inc...


Market Street Apartment Tour

Lights on daylight tour of Kingsbury Cemetery

Halloween Horror Happening at the Palace Theatre

Finger Lakes SPCA Haunted Barn

A new store on Corning's Market Street

I walked down Market Street today just in time for a ribbon cutting ceremony on the west end.


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My lunch... minestrone soup and a hot dog!

Continuing eastward on Market Street...

The new kid on the block... Walker Cake Company & Coffeehouse.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Corning NY’s playground build update

Koala Run Playground is nearing completion. Finishing touches are small ones needed to comply with safety standards and some cosmetic touches. Volunteers are needed again Saturday, October 16, 8 AM - 5 PM. No childcare available this time. Bring a neighbor or friend, particularly someone who hasn't yet had the opportunity to help out.

View this video of the almost completed playground, taken yesterday.

View another video, by tberry, on mulch moving day at the playground.


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Corning NY’s playground build, Day #5

Didn't quite make it to completion yesterday. A bit of finishing work and landscaping left. So close!

Wash before meals!




Mountains of food. Always needed more.

MaryLu Walker and Marilyn & Dick Puccio entertain the children.

My favorite -- the bouncing bridge.

Paper chain cutting ceremony.