Monday, July 18, 2011

Daisy, daisy!

A shorter walk this morning took longer when I stopped to photograph a stunning patch of daisies in a small front yard.

Next thing I knew, the owner -- a recent widower after 62 years of marriage -- was cutting a huge bouquet of daisies for me to take home. He also gave me two large cucumbers from plants growing beside his house next to the driveway.


I concluded my walk up on the dike by the Chemung River where I gathered Queen Anne's Lace, Chicory and tall grasses to add to my bunch of flowers.

Half the flowers are now sitting on my dining room table and the other half on the kitchen table in my daughter's new house. My grandsons and I devoured the cucumbers!

Thank you, Corning neighbor, for making my day. Happy to make your acquaintance!


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  1. People really are friendly Kathleen. We only need to give each other the opportunity. I like your Daisy shot. Very nice.

    Thanks for stopping by. If I have a negative, I can extract lots more raw information than from a print.


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