Thursday, September 22, 2011

A walk on the other side

When I was training as a life coach, one of the strategies we learned to introduce to clients was to look at things in ways totally opposite of their usual approach. Typically, we asked them to look around and tell us what they saw. Then to step up on a chair and look again. Just a few feet up (or crossing to the other side of the street) can make a huge difference in how we see our life and our surroundings.

Looking down at the base of a huge structure holding utility lines. I wonder how long it has been there and I speculate how long it will last...


Crossing the river on the other side of the bridge AND looking down to see the water line from recent river risings...

Taking a different path and spotting Corning’s “black building” framed by trees near and far...

Looking at the Bridge Street bridge from a totally new angle. Looming gray clouds bring concerns. Will it rain and I be soaked, or will the river send more flood waters eastward? I traveled east on Route 17 and into PA a few days ago and saw many signs of the destruction. Wouldn’t want to send any more their way...

Walking a ways behind Market Street, near the river, and looking up at the south side hill. I’ve taken shots of the area before but never from this location. I liked the severe lines in the foreground contrasted with the images beyond. St. Mary’s on the hill ~ beautiful structure.



*September 23 and 24 Jazz and Harvest Festival
*October 2. 30th Wineglass Marathon Also, a half-marathon this year.
*Tall Tales Tours of Corning’s downtown area continue through October. For more info or to sign up, call James D. Gray 607-425-8900 or email
*Kingsbury Cemetery Haunted House ~ benefits the Corning Community Food Pantry.


Corning NY moves into Fall ~ September 16, 2010

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  1. Very nice photos! You know I love to look at things differently!


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