Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Typical Walk

I know that when I view other people’s blogs, I try to picture the writer/photographer as they move through the moments they give words and pictures to.

So, in case you’ve wondered about the trivialities of my walks through Corning (you haven’t really wondered, have you?!), I’m going to share one walk in detail.


August 6, 2012 ~ I left home at 10:45 A.M. and walked to the nearby Senior Center where I stood out front, waiting for a bus.

Wait a minute! A bus? What about the walk? Be patient, my friends. Sometimes I take a bus to another point in Corning and walk back home.

So, whenever I stand waiting at the Senior Center, I stare at -- the parking lot, the sky, cars, people. Mostly the sky. And, I take lots of photos. Once I’m back home and on my computer, I delete, crop, enhance, whatever it takes to get a photo to look its best (at least in my opinion).

Then came the 10:51 A.M. bus, on time! A swing through Wegmans’ parking lot with several passengers disembarking. Back to Bridge Street, quickly followed by a left turn onto Market Street. I rode all the way to the end of the street.

Oh, another reason I sometimes ride the bus is because I’ll have my hands full. This time I’m carrying gluten-free cookies, a check and library books. The cookies were for Donna at Pip’s Boutique. She’s eating gluten-free and white-sugar free these days and this gave me a chance to hear about why and how it’s improved her health and energy.

Next, a stop at Corning Credit Union to deposit a check.

Back to the east end of the street where I peeked around the corner and took a photo of the demolition and clean-up going on for the planned transportation center.

At the Southeast Steuben County Library, I returned one book and picked up two more they had on hold for me:

The Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Eleanor Roosevelt
You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life by Eleanor Roosevelt

The Social Security Administration building is right next door to the library.

Back at the alley behind the Southside businesses on Market Street, I took more photos of the Transportation Center cleanup project.

This building has asbestos warning signs plastered all over...

At the end of the block, still in the alley, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of this fellow making a delivery to Van Heusen.

Alley Art Mural Project...

Sometimes the alleys are just as interesting as the fronts of the streets.

Notice the vines (real) in the bottom right hand corner of the next photo...

The ARTS...

Moving back to the front of Market Street, I popped into The Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes. This chair (created, I was told by a passer-by, by Noel Sylvester, was in the front window and caught my eye.

It was 1:12 P.M. by the time I finally reach home. Because...

I stopped for lunch (Couldn’t resist. So many wonderful culinary aromas up and down the street).

I sauntered.

I strolled. (Oh, wait, that’s basically the same as ‘sauntered’, isn’t it.)

Anyway, I took my time and totally enjoyed my walk.


  1. Sounds like a nice stroll / saunter to me!!!

    1. Thanks, Patricia. Come walk with me sometime and bring that great little camera of yours.

  2. I feel like I was walking with you my friend :D
    There is art everyone, especially in those beautiful murals :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. I'd be delighted to have you walk with me, anytime, CCU.

  3. I love your walks and observations on life.

    If I lived closer, I'd walk w/ you. Xxx

    1. Thanks, Kim. I truly wish I could meet you and all my faithful followers in person. Long walks and face to face conversations mean so much to me.

  4. I do quite a bit of walking in Corning but stick to the streets.Could you tell me where the alley murals are and more about the project?

  5. C.J., They're in the alleys behind Market Street on the south side (between Market and Denison Parkway). If I remember correctly, you'll find them in a 2 or 3-block area. Thanks for stopping by.


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