Saturday, December 29, 2012

Corning NY finally has snow--huge piles of it! Loving it, but not walking too far from home. The photo above is one of three large snow piles in the parking lot at Wegmans supermarket. In the background is the southside hill. Remember to click on each photo to get a close-up look at the scene.

Backing up a bit... I was finishing a walk just over a week ago and close to home I came across this tree, spring buds already in place. Can you understand why I wondered, will we ever have snow?

The next day, I spotted this plane over the Chemung River. It glided, dove and rose again, performing an awesome dance of sorts.

Look at the size of that model plane. What fun he was having flying it. And, what enjoyment I got out of watching.

A belated Christmas gift from nature. On December 27, to get this photo and the next one, I slid aside the two window panes in my upstairs livingroom window and pulled the huge screen to the side. Then I carefully held the camera just outside the window. Right now--this moment--I’m going to try for an indoor shot that will give you the full effect of these evergreens. They’re my daily view and I love them.

Using a snowblower to clear the sidewalks.

Using a truck with a snowplow to clear the streets.

Look at the snow accumulation on top of the retaining wall. Southside hill (west end) in the background.

Lots of snow and even a bit of ice forming on the Chemung River.

There’s a story behind this pile of snow. This is Wegmans, our local supermarket. When the parking lot is plowed, the snow is always piled here, in past years typically the one pile for the season. It melts, they add to it, it melts more, etc. Two years ago Corning had so much snow that there were piles all across the front of the parking lot. That’s a lot of piles. Last year, there was just the one pile and it didn’t ever get higher than a couple of feet. As you can see, after one day’s snowfall, this snowpile is much taller than me and you.

Plus, there was a snowpile at the other end (photographed while leaving Wegmans in my son’s car).

I think with today's snow (a total of two days worth), we've surpassed the amount of snow that fell on Corning NY last winter.

Remember the earlier pictures taken from my livingroom window. I took this one today following more and more snow.

Happy New Year, my friends, and
thank you for visiting Corning NY Step by Step!

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