Monday, April 15, 2013

Parked at Corning's Senior Citizens Center.

Polo is a very friendly, retired greyhound. She's six years old. I couldn't decide which photo I liked best, so here they both are!

I noticed this chimney at the top of the BPOE (Elks) building and am not reassured that it wouldn't crumble and fall down, down to the ground at the slightest breeze.

The next two pictures are the old Corning library building which is now (finally) being converted to apartments, or are they referring to them as condominiums?

Centerway Square... hula hoops for exercise and dance.

Ideal day for a ride. Don't forget a helmet.

In the window at The ARTS on Market Street. Louise R and Connie S-B are setting up a display featuring a dress made of recycled materials. It's time for REcycled Runway 2013.

On sale--winter sporting supplies!

These photos were taken last week - April 9 - our warmest, sunniest day so far this Spring.


  1. that is one of your great day I think, Kathleen. Very nice photos. Thank you for sharing with us. Best regards. :-)

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Muhammad. It was a wonderful day and we are having more of them as Spring struggles to break through.

  2. Nice photos Kathleen. We are still cool here in Boise. I have a Pinterest page now if you would like to see pictures of my garden:

    Thanks for your resent visit to my blog Fun with Food. I always appreciate your comments and readership.


    1. I'll definitely look at the garden pics, Randall. Thanks for stopping by.


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