Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A foggy morning greeted me on my walk to Guthrie Clinic for a 9:15 AM appointment. Exiting Guthrie and heading back west at just before 10 AM, some fog still remained, as seen in the photo above. On the right, you get a glimpse of CMOG--the Corning Museum of Glass--and on the left is the Corning YMCA. The river is just to the left (south) of the Y and I decided to walk along the dike.

What you see from this view is two bridges. The walking bridge is closest to me and just behind it is another bridge for vehicles. In the right upper corner of the pictures is part of Corning Inc. headquarters.

More of Corning Inc. headquarters can be seen on the left across the river, then Little Joe Tower.

Corning's Southside hill and the Bridge Street bridge.

Turning myself more to the right, I catch the edge of a parking lot next to the Corning Y.

On the right, in the front is a corner of the Corning YMCA and behind it a tennis court. Across the street and further back in the photo is CMOG. The tall building in the background is also part of Corning Inc. and faces Pulteney Street.

More of the YMCA...

Here we are back to Centerway Bridge.

I turned completely around -- no, I didn't. I just switched settings on the camera, so it would show me and the rest of the dike behind me.

Moving alongside the Chemung River, I'm getting closer to the Bridge Street bridge.

I've made it to the bridge and am giving you a long shot of the Patterson Bridge. See it in the distance (below the shadow on the hillside). Major renovations going on and as you can see, several spans of the bridge are missing.

This would probably be a good time to remind you to click on any photo to enlarge it and get a more detailed view of the scenery.

That was yesterday and the leaf pile is today. Corning City Public Works Department has been cleaning up their parks. The leaves are coming down fast!

Just past the Bridge Street bridge and you can see the Southside hill again. In the center of this picture and just a bit to the left is a huge (and still growing) pile of concrete debris from the bridge being renovated.

A bright sunny morning and a good time to walk on down the river to get a better view of the Patterson Bridge. This part of the dike has a sidewalk.

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This past Sunday was the WINEGLASS MARATHON from Bath to Corning. Several thousand participants and you can see lots of photos I took if you go to CNYSBS's Facebook page.


  1. Your city is very beautiful, Kathleen. Thank you for sharing your sightseeing with me.

    1. You're very welcome, Muhammad. And you know that I always enjoy viewing your photos of your city and surrounding area.


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