Monday, December 2, 2013

Corning NY December 2, 2013

Usually when I'm on vacation, I post photos of Maryland and Washington D.C. Which is where I vacation. Visiting family.

This time, however, I brought Corning photos with me on a flash drive. Time to use up miscellaneous pictures. All taken this year.

October 19... After deleting 7-8 similar pics, I couldn't decide between this one and the one above. So, you get both.

October 28... Taking photos from a hillside above the Patterson Bridge. Along came a man and his dog. Sweet dog once it calmed down and stopped trying to jump on me.

Again, I couldn't make a decision.

November 14... Bridge Street in the early evening. Traffic is heavy (for Corning) while the Patterson Bridge is closed (as in 'not there') and vehicles are detoured via Pulteney and Bridge Streets.

November 22... Misty morning. Corning Headquarters. Little Joe Tower. Towers on a Southside Hill in the background.

November 26... Taken from the second floor at Guthrie Clinic. YMCA across the street. Little Joe Tower in the background.

(Click on any photo for an enlarged version)

November 28... Sage in my garden. I pick and use all winter.

November 28...
Starlings, I think. They swoop from tree to tree in our neighborhood. A few days before leaving on vacation, I heard a loud sound go by my living room window several times. Looked outside and they were on the ground pecking and eating whatever it is they peck and eat. Every ten seconds or so, they'd swoop up into the sky, circle around and then come back down. Fascinating to watch.

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