Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exercise... Stretch your legs when you visit Corning NY

Why, you ask, would I suggest taking time to exercise when you’re on vacation and getting plenty of exercise anyway, walking here and there, up and down streets and through shops and museums? Admit it, that’s a different sort of exercise. And, if you’ve got kids with you, they are probably desperate to run about.

Even if you’re in Corning just for the day, you can park at the Corning Museum of Glass, do your touring there, then take a walk across one of the three bridges that cross over to the south side of Corning. That’s where you’ll find Market Street which I mentioned before and will mention many times again.

By the way, the picture at the beginning of this entry shows Bridge Street which intersects with Market Street and Denison Parkway on the south side of the river near Wegmans. Love the new trees. See the self-watering bags at the base of each? (You can click on any photo in these blog posts to see an enlarged version.)

The Chemung River (which turns into the Conhocton River just west of Corning and becomes the Susquehanna River further east) divides the city and offers a great opportunity to stretch out your legs on paths either side of, and overlooking, the river.

If you finished your tour at CMOG and are looking for a gym workout, look right next door at the Corning Family YMCA. If you have a Y membership from another location, you are probably eligible to use these facilities for free. Look at your membership card for the words, “Away”. If not, and you’re visiting local residents, ask them to get you in under the reasonable rates afforded guests of members. Walk or run the indoor track, use the equipment, or swim in the pool (kids love that!). Tennis courts and basketball area outdoors.


I did end up back on Market Street and took a quick detour through the rear entrance to Market Street Coffee and Tea, exited through the front door and owner Pam Weachock kindly took a photo of me in my walking gear.

For those who prefer more of an incline, head up the hill on Corning's south side. Pictured below are two blocks of Walnut Street. Any of the streets running parallel to Walnut -- Cedar, Pine, Chemung, will give you an extra workout.

The east to west streets on the south side are First through Sixth Street with interesting alleys in between (more about them at another time). The houses in this area are worth the walk. A good example is the Rosewood Inn on First Street. between Chemung and Wall.




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