Friday, October 8, 2010

Corning NY's Koala Run, Day #3 (of 5!)

Corning is certainly a caring place to live (and visit). More and more volunteers gather each day to build the new Koala Run community playground.

I took a closer look at the entire playground today and was excited to see how closely it ties into places in Corning.

There will be a “Little Joe” tower, Rockwell Museum, and Corning Free Academy (aka CFA).

Look for a tree house with wooden “leaves”.

Corning’s own Tom Gardner is working on a special project for the playground. He’s pictured here with Mark Leathers, owner of Leathers and Associates.

Carder Elementary School Principal Davis led a class to the top of the hill for a quick look.

More hay (or is it straw) to spread on the ground. The mud is still thick and mushy!

Mud on mud!

Breaking for lunch.


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YNN Elmira Corning News video on the playground build

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