Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My last blog entry told of discovering Florentia Lane, an “alley” turning off Steuben Street in the southeast sector of Corning.

If any of my readers have been to Lake Keuka (or other lakes for that matter) you’ll see the similarity of the long stairs heading up or down, depending on what side of the road the house is situated.


Florentia Lane begins with smaller and older houses and gradually this narrow, pockmarked lane boasts of lovely larger homes...

One such home was guarded by two stone lions and a stone monkey. Getting a photo would require stepping onto their patio and facing back toward the lane. Hearing voices coming from an open door, I called out and engaged in conversation. Permission granted for photos, the one you see here and the one heading this entry. All three structures are made of lava from Bali, Indonesia.

A touch of blue, waiting to be gathered by City of Corning employees...

More color embellished a downside lot...

Boating anyone?

Omigosh, it’s an old Airstream. I’ve read about them and haven’t seen one in years...

An uphill climb, all the way!

A close-up of the lovely flowers in the yard of the previous house...

Love it! A pond on a hill in the middle of the city...

A hosta is just a hosta, until you pair it with huge above-ground tree roots...

One of the older, more ornate homes in Corning. Backyard shot includes electric wires. Be sure to click on the photo for a closer look at the various parts of the house...

Couldn’t resist this mishmash of trees, vines, poles and houses and the lines they create...

This walk ended at Cedar Street facing the house my brother and his family lived in many years ago. Brought back pleasant memories for my walk home.

Although my tour of Florentia Lane ended here, that’s not the end of the story. There are three or four more blocks to cover. Another day.

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  1. Such a fun tour!! And the stairs ---- I'm imagining carrying 16 bags of groceries up/down, in the winter. Ohhhh...... But they sure are picturesque! A corner of the city 99.9% of us never realized was there!

  2. Lovely series, especially the steps. The geometries are so lively. Bet you get worn out climbing up and down.

  3. I second my initial comment Kathleen. Each step you take is a new discovery because you see instead of merely looking.

    Thanks for dropping by my place. The handless sleeve has me puzzled too. It was probably a sweater hanging from the hook on the end of the booth. Then again??


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