Monday, July 25, 2011

Steuben Street and Florentia Lane

8:30 AM, a bus to the east end of Market Street. I’d walk, normally, but today I have a pile of books and dvds to return to the Southeast Steuben County Library.

Just before the bus stopped, I asked the driver if he notices anything noteworthy on his route, something I could use in this blog. He tells me about a tiny, narrow garden on Steuben Street. So, after depositing my books in the library’s outdoor return slot, I head down Tioga looking for Steuben.

Which brings us to the first photo (above). Dayspring Apartments. Interesting parking. Look close at the cars and the signs! (You can click on this, or any, photo for an enlarged version.)

Steuben runs north and south and I followed it up (south) to Florentia.

This was a fascinating walk that resulted in 147 photographs. Too many. Time to trim. I hope you’ll come back to see more pictures from this walk, maybe tomorrow.


Round outdoor resting spot is such an interesting change from typical lawn furniture...

The Alternative School for Math and Science (ASMS) is growing in leaps and bounds. Adding on to the back of the school (the Denison Parkway side)...

I did a double take when I saw the upside down bike on an upstairs balcony...

Only half a block till Florentia Lane. See the turn on the right just up a ways?

Doesn't look like much, but you'll be surprised at what the next 4-5 blocks have to bring. Check back in a day or two...

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