Saturday, August 27, 2011


August 28, 2010... that’s when this blog began. So, here we are, one year and fifty-three blog entries later!

Thanks to several Market Street merchants, we're going to have another Identify-The-Photo Contest!

Be the first to reply telling WHAT is in the photo above and WHERE it is located (please be specific).

Congratulations to Elizabeth Zambrano who correctly guessed that our mystery building is next door to the West William Street car wash (which is next door to Hokey Pokey)!

Today's gift certificates have been provided by Beyond Baskets and Pip’s Boutique.


There are two ways to enter...

1) at the end of this blog, you can enter your guess in the Comments. That’s the BLOG COMMENT SECTION.

2) Tomorrow morning I will post the blog entry containing the contest photos on our Facebook page. “Like” the Facebook page, find the post where I mention the contest and enter your guess as a comment under that post.

The contest will end two weeks after I post the photo on my blog. If there is no winner, the prizes go back in the pool and we’ll try again later with another photo.

Each reader will be eligible to win one contest per calendar year.

Out of town residents, out of state residents and out of country residents... all are invited to enter. However, family and employees of the merchants supplying the gift certificates are not. Same goes for my family!


Happy anniversary! Glad to have you with us. Hope you’ll go to the Comment section below and tell us what you like, or not, about this blog. And let us know what you’d like to see more of.


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  1. Is it the side of the Marconi Lodge on Pulteney St. on the North Side of Corning? Not sure, just a guess. :c )

  2. Thanks for the guess, Deb. Close, but not quite on target. Keep looking.

  3. It looks like the building that used to be a traumatic brain injury center building for a ReHab center... near the Hokey Pokey's by the car wash. I think it was a vacant building for a bit and then recently bought but not sure what it is now. But, I may be wrong. It also looks like the building over by the CCU too but I think that building was taller.

  4. Looks like we have A WINNER! It is the building right next to the car wash (William Street, on Corning's northside). Magnificent when covered with vines. f9e6... I hope you receive follow up comments or are checking back here on the blog. Let me know, here or on Facebook, how to contact you.

  5. That's one of my favorite buildings! AWESOME! Elizabeth Zambrano this is my profile page...!/profile.php?id=1050140638

    my cell number is under info

  6. Congratulations, Elizabeth Zambrano. I'll be in touch soon.


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