Friday, August 19, 2011

Photography group at Denison Park

Sometimes I like to experiment with black and white. Easy to do with iPhoto. Just go into Edit and 1-2-3, it's done. Black and white makes me want to dig through my old photos for those from my childhood -- most in black and white.

Our Senior Center photography group met at Denison Park yesterday for a picnic lunch and, of course, a picture taking session. I followed along for a bit, but like some of the others soon found myself wandering in my own direction.


Notice the light coming through the branches and the green moss on the tree trunk...

A Rotary Club project...

A mother crawls under the dragon slide to join her preschooler in simple fun. Notice the baby feet...

Like the pond and some tree trunks, this bench was dotted with mosses...


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  1. Those are beautiful, Kathy. I love black and white also.

    Mary Lu Walker

  2. Love the little feet! Your photo compositions are great! (per usual!)

  3. @Mary Lu... Thanks, ML. I also love black and white movies and, of course, the "black and white" of books! Kathleen

    @Patricia... The little digital camera is still working well. Hope you are enjoying your new upgrade. Yep, I agree, the feet are so cute. Picture taking is also an excellent opportunity for making new friends, on site and online! Kathleen

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  5. Your blog sure makes Corning look like a place worth visiting! Love the pictures of real everyday moments...thanks for stopping by my blog too!
    Anna @


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