Thursday, January 26, 2012

Long shots

This opening photo was taken coming off I-86. You can see the parking lot for CMOG (Corning Museum of Glass, which is behind the big black Corning Inc. building also seen in this same photo. Free busses run all day from the parking lot to CMOG and on over to Corning's Market Street.

The next two photos were taken about a week ago when there was a tragic accident on I-86 just east of the off-ramp in the first photo Eastbound traffic was diverted from the highway across the Brisco Bridge, through the middle of Corning, onto Denison Parkway. You'll notice the heaviest traffic is going in one direction, southward. That bridge hasn't seen that many trucks in a long time!

Centerway Walking Bridge, south to north, parallel to the Brisco Bridge...

Standing at the southend of the Brisco Bridge, looking toward Centerway Square...

Seating in Centerway Square. Looking across Market Street and Denison Parkway, going up the hill on Pine Street...

Market Street, looking east. You can see the Palace Theater on the left. Centerway Square is a short distance past it.

Driving east on Denison Parkway, you'll see the Rockwell Museum on the left (big red brick building). Looking up the hill at the back of the photo, there appears to be a water tank. Is it? If so, I've not been too observant in the past. Will have to take another look.

I'm not sure about this photo. I know it's on the hilly southside and I think it is Sunset, just south of and parallel to Denison Parkway. I would have been standing on the end of Bridge Street. If I've got this wrong, I hope locals will let me know!

Back on Corning's northside, no memory of which street I was on, but I can see a cross street sign says Dodge Avenue.




  1. I love how all your photos capture the essence of your surroundings - it is a pleasure to read and see :)

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Thank you, CCU. If you ever decide to cross the ocean...


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