Sunday, January 15, 2012

Corning NY 2011

These photos represent favorites of mine for every month in 2011. A few months, I just could not make a decision, so I included more than one.

As I browsed through over 1,500 photos I found myself on a journey made up of many small journeys. All the walks I took in 2011 were fresh in my mind again. I could see the big picture behind each snapshot. I could trace my footsteps and, often times, the thoughts that came to mind on my original walks.

The first photo, the one above that leads into today’s blog entry, is of Mike Sorge, up on a ladder, prettying up the place again. This is a November 2011 picture of the new storefront. Sorges Restaurant closed after a devastating fire on 12/27/2008 and reopened on April 21, 2010.


Northside, I believe. Remnants of Christmas 2010 and life in general.


Railroad tracks cutting east/west through Corning’s downtown. This photo was taken at Riverfront Park.


A good indicator of the level of the Chemung River is this little island with its small stand of trees. In this shot, the river is quite high, but some of the island is still visible.


A northside long shot that I cropped to show the variety of roofs.


Be sure to click on this photo to take a closer, clearer look. It’s May and lots of rain has brought the Chemung River up to a level where it’s beginning to cover early dandelions.


The sunshine in June and the beautiful architectural structures of Corning’s southside made it difficult to pick just one photo. So, I included five!

Refurbishing for resale...

Old beauties lined up on a southside hill are easier to reach from the rear, unless you like climbing...

Gorgeous corner house...

I took 5-6 photos of this house and yard, and every one was “picture perfect”...

Another day, another time of day...


A lot of good this sign does!



Corning’s northside, just off Pulteney (Dodge Ave?). Love this old tree. Love taking photos of it.

I believe I took this one is on the southside in one of the alleys. Fresh, colorful flowers “framed” by old picket fence in need of painting.


This tree intrigued me...


Look at that sky. The clouds caught my eye and then I glanced downward and found the buildings. What a picture...


Apples or leaves. Leaves or apples. Oh, what the heck, include them both...


The last month of the calendar year. It’s Christmas day and I have a new camera...

I was evidently holding the camera at a slant. I straightened it with iPhoto, then decided the slanted take was more interesting. Again, Corning’s southside, the west end...

Cold days are coming...


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STEP BY STEP IN THE KITCHEN ~ also by Kathleen Richardson


  1. You have shown your conquering NYC in a really creative way - makes me want to go there!!!
    I am sure you are having a wonderful time - gorgeous photos by the way (I love your camera)

    CCU :D

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my Corning blog. Maybe someday you will visit Corning NY. Come take a walk with me!


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