Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Stroll ~ July 2012

The temperatures have dropped out of the 90s and 100s to some pretty comfortable 80s. There’s even the occasional rain these days. Not enough, but I think we’re better off than the rest of the country with their drought conditions.

The good news is that with the cooler weather, I'm more apt to get out to take walks. I was even a bit jealous of this kayaker smoothly gliding down the Chemung River...

We saw my son off on his return to Maryland with breakfast at Wegmans. Just outside the Cafe door, my oldest grandson -- who loves all critters -- spotted this moth. Good eye since the winged creature was camouflaged...

Way down on the west end of Market Street, there’s a lot of renovation going on in and out of buildings on the south side of the street. Behind that same stretch of buildings, demolition is finally underway to make way for Corning's new transportation center.

Riverfront Centennial Park...

Corning Inc. Headquarters is surrounded by gardens...

I always worry about this tower foundation. It’s in pretty crumbly condition and holds a lot of weight. How long will it last?

This is the type of tower held by the aging foundation in the previous photo...

A crafty girl with a CRFTYGAL plate...


  1. that tower has been there thru alot of flooding's and has weathered the test of time. I do, however, think it shud be taken down and have a new one someplace else! I bet no one pay's any attention to it except us! Great photos once again! Pam

    1. You're right about that tower, Pam. At least a new foundation for the tower!. Thanks for your continued support and comments.

  2. Beautiful photos my friend - seems like autumn will be approaching soon enough :)
    I would be jealous of this kayaker too, so much fun :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Omigosh, CCU, already you're pointing out the approach of autumn? Summer has seemed so short, and too hot. I can remember taking my kids swimming in this river when they were little. Don't know if I'd do that now. But, boating--kayaking-- would be a awesome way to cool off.


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