Thursday, August 2, 2012

Local Scenes and Local Folks in Black and White

Nothing in the world draws people’s attention like photos of other people. That’s why I'm beginning with Donna and friend sitting in front of Donna’s Restaurant on Market Street.

Are you a fan of black and white photos? I love them and truly believe certain photos in black and white are better than they are in color. With B&W photos, you can focus on the detail of what is in the picture - lines, shapes, contrasts - and not be distracted by color.

I can never have too many photos of the river, bridges, Corning Inc. Headquarters and the Little Joe Tower. Put them all together and you have an amazing view, even in black and white. Here I’m standing between Tioga Ave and the Chemung River on Corning’s Southside.

Just off Denison Parkway in Corning NY I spotted this sweet, busy little porch, all decked out with flowers, flag, chairs and grill, just waiting for someone to enjoy it.

Corning’s Southside on East Second Street...

Corning Hospital, at its current location...

Looking down on the Corning Senior Center on the Northside. If I turn around, I’ll be looking down on the Chemung River.

An early morning picture of a delivery to the Corning Museum of Glass...

Tuesdays and Saturdays are the biggest tourist days at CMOG, according to these two “gatekeepers” who guide cars and busses to where they want to be. Approximately forty busses - sixty people to each bus - on each of those two days day. That’s about 2,400 visitors each Tuesday and Saturday, plus those who arrive in their private vehicles.


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  1. Your black and white twist has me imagining a small close knit 50s community entering the technology era :)
    I love how awesome that looks!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. CCU, your words have me smiling and chuckling. Love that you're always here to comment.


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