Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Four Dogs and Humans of Corning NY

I always love seeing Kat and her four perfectly behaved dogs. Note the leashes. This boy and these girls are all related.

When I still had a Facebook page for Corning NY Step by Step, I posted this picture there. For those who missed it once upon a time, here it is again... Eddie and the Mrs. working on the motorcycle. Look at her stylish jacket, perfect for driving her own machine.

A evening stroll...

She went by quickly on a blindingly sunny day, but I’m pretty sure it’s Bridget...

I have a long-time habit of stopping to talk with strangers on the street and in stores and restaurants. In this case, Vi and Gary were seated on a bench on Market Street, and when I spotted her chic hat from Connors Mercantile, I was hooked.

They mentioned having European visitors with them, who were currently in the local Tommy Hilfiger outlet store. I was excited by the idea of also photographing these out of town visitors. What a surprise! What a group. Lovely people.

As usual, walking from one end of downtown to the other, on my way home, took quite a long time. I like to get to know people--can’t help myself. Thanks to Elise (left) and friend ~ having lunch in Corning’s Centerway Square ~ for letting me move in for a close-up.


  1. There seems to be an abundance of friendly people and wonderful relaxing times in your area my friend complete with beautiful dogs :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. I always find what I expect, CCU, and I always expect friendliness, relaxation and wagging tails.

  2. Lovely pictures of friendly people :-)
    Thanks for sharing!


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