Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A look at the 31st Wineglass Marathon

The 31st annual Wineglass Marathon, from Bath NY to Corning NY...

Held on a Sunday, a beautiful day, lots of fall foliage, no rain or snow. 50s/60s. No sunshine till just before 11 AM.

Those wearing blue number tags were half-marathon runners. Those running the full marathon - 26 miles - wore yellow!

Most of these photos were taken near the corner of West William and Wallace Streets, on Corning’s Northside just over a half mile from the finish.


She wore a yellow tag, but it was only 9:14 AM so she was in the half-marathon.

One of the more mature competitors, he dripped with sweat but maintained a smile on his face...

Green hair and a Goal of 2:30. That’s 2 hours and 30 minutes. I took the photo at 9:24:59 A.M.. The 13-mile half-marathon began at 8 A.M. He had five minutes to make the final 1/2-plus mile.

Vivid stripes...

The first man to pass us by, running the full marathon. I did take a photo of him approaching, but it was too blurred to post. He was the winner ~ Nathan Senner of Ithaca NY!

While the half-marathon runners were struggling at this point, Nathan and other full-marathon competitors took long, effortless strides. They seemed at peace, as though on a casual Sunday afternoon stroll.

She’s completed her run and is wearing the traditional piece of foil, to hold body heat in, I’m assuming. She’s walking back through, on her way to who knows where. Some I spoke to said they were on their way back to their motels for desperately-needed showers.

More half-marathoners on their way back. They’re wearing the ribbons and glass medallions given to all participants. Also, they carried wine and a commemorative glass, also gifted to every competitor.

A half-marathon runner about to be passed by someone from the full-marathon pack...

Another happy man who looks like he’s moving in slow-motion.

These three came from Canada and loudly cheered marathoners for hours. The woman in the middle is a marathon runner who was injured on ice in March. She came to encourage other runners from Canada.

My daughter and her family live at about the midway point. They set up chairs and watched from roadside at their country home and were rewarded with close-ups of numerous full-marathoners who stopped to stretch their legs on the fence my son-in-law recently built.

Many of them also oohed and aahed over Daisy, the family’s mild-mannered American bulldog, some even stopping to pet her.

Katie Derusso of Saranac Lake, New York nearing the half-mile mark. She went on to be the women’s winner for the full marathon.

Then I moved to Bridge Street, less than half mile from the finish line.

He’s completed the half-marathon and is waiting for his friend who is in the full marathon.

The photographer on the right side of this picture is Clayton Vargeson, local postman, photographer and blogger.

OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS... At this link, you find thousands of photos for Wineglass Marathons going back to 2005.

If a prize were given for most determined, in my book it would go to this woman. She was crossing the bridge within a half mile of the finish line, supported by a girl who, along with the physical support, was dishing out lots of verbal encouragement. Looked like man, girl and boy to the side were also part of the support group. I’m hoping she made it to the end. She's a winner in my book and so is the girl helping her.




  1. Support and commitment - so important to succeed in the world :D
    I love your photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Nice pictures! Must have been more fun taking the pictures than running ;-) although I guess it must not have been easy either!

    1. Lots of fun and, yes, easy taking the pics. It's sorting through, deleting and editing afterwards that is the challenge, Carine.


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