Friday, November 2, 2012

A Walk On The Northside

If you’re from out of town and are doing the touristy thing -- that is, going to the Corning Museum of Glass (known to us locals as CMOG!) -- you’ll probably leave your vehicle in the CMOG parking lot behind Black’s Auto Service Center on Pulteney Street. Logical place, too, because that particular parking area is just off NY-17/I-86's Exit 46.

You’ve parked. Now walk south to the intersection of Pulteney and Centerway. Cross the street and that’s where you’ll find the sidewalk leading to the front entrance at CMOG.

Speaking of Black’s, yesterday’s (Thursday) price for Regular gas was $3.93. High compared to states further south. When I headed out on vacation to Maryland in early October, the price was $4.21. Maryland offered a bargain at $3.55-3.60.

See the hills in the background of the Sunoco photo. The leaves are falling fast. The red sign is for the CMOG parking lot and the truck in the center of the photo is coming from the direction of Exit 46.

Now that you know where you are, here’s a picture of a Corning Inc. parking garage on Pulteney Street. I took it for the colorful trees!

This sign sits in front of the Corporate Offices on Pulteney Street. Ahead is the intersection of Centerway. The long walkway (shown in the lead photo to this post) goes to the right.

Lots of construction -- I know not what! -- going on between the Corporate Offices and CMOG (CMOG is closest to you).

There’s a narrow driveway next to the long sidewalk. It goes the entire block and is used only by the CMOG bus. This bus runs every fifteen minutes, from the parking lot to CMOG to downtown Corning on Market Street.

That’s the red CMOG flag with the American flag next to it (and flying slightly higher, as it properly should). I love the ornamental grasses that front the entire CMOG complex. Not everyone does, but I do.


One last mention... the new transportation center has suddenly popped up. Last I knew, before going on vacation, the foundations were being poured. Then as I rode through town with my daughter, I spotted the new building and was able to pull out my camera for a quick drive-by shot.


Several friends on Facebook have posted that there is snow just west of us, especially up in the hills. I can’t wait! We got gypped last winter with too little snow. This snowy scene is from 2010.
Today’s prediction was for rain. There was little of that, too. The weekend weather is predicted to include snow. I can only hope.


  1. I loved my tour around, thank you! I love the colour of the trees near the parking garage. I love snow too but we hardly ever get any in Cornwall. I used to love the snow in the years when we lived further North. I'll be hoping for you! :)

    1. Keep hoping, Sally. New York City, on the coast, is getting snow, but still waiting here in downtown Corning. Just a few flakes a couple of days ago. Glad you enjoyed the colors--me, too!

  2. The snow picture is especially wonderful! It looks like a magical land :-)

    1. Thanks, Carine. It's one of my favorite snow pics. Now if we could only get some of that this winter! Had a bit this morning, even stayed on the ground for a few hours, but now the sun has come out and no signs of snow remains.


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