Thursday, November 1, 2012

Looking Back at the Summer

I've been away on a Maryland vacation for over three weeks. Returned home just ahead of Hurricane Sandy and haven't yet had a good long walk to take new photos. Don't despair, though, 'cause I have LOTS of photos left over from this summer (and earlier).

The picture above is a typical scene at Centerway Square on Corning's Market Street. A great spot to take a break, eat lunch, listen to live or recorded music.

East of Centerway Square is Market Street Coffee & Tea, its facade freshly enhanced.

The Centerway Bridge, Corning's special walking bridge, is being spruced up even more than ever. No more dull grey walkway with a faded maze painted on its floor. The new plan includes landscaping, park benches, grassy areas and special lighting--all ON the bridge.

Entrance to the south side of the walking bridge...

Parked near Corning Museum of Glass's Studio. Check out the license plate...

The YMCA on Corning's north side is also being spruced up, particularly the parking areas.

The fountain attracts many "bathers" to the Riverfront Centennial Park during Corning's warmer months.

This photo was taken on Corning's Bridge Street at J&T Auto Cafe during preparations for "Race Fever".


  1. Your photos are so beautiful my friend, I love the toning :)
    Beautiful summer memories...

    Choc Chip Uru


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