Monday, November 12, 2012

Grace and More

Grace in women has more effect than beauty ~ William Hazlitt

She walks two miles every day and is my inspiration.

Indian Summer seems to be visiting Corning. I started out the door yesterday with a long-sleeved shirt, two jackets, a scarf and gloves. All that remained when I arrived home was the shirt and it was rather warm!

The beautiful weather brings out Corning’s runners and walkers.

Three of these young people took off shoes and socks to walk in the Chemung River.

Remembering August...

Market Street. A September shot....

This roof is always dressed for the season...

Look close. It’s not just about railroad tracks.


  1. Hi Kathleen, Love the butterfly (yes, I found it!), and the petunia struggling and successfully surviving! And your fellow walker -- I think I like this lady (smile from me!) Enjoy the days!

    1. Patricia, I've been missing you again! Thanks for stopping by. Always good to hear from you.

  2. Loved the butterfly and the little flower, especially!

  3. Love your butterfly shot. It looks even better on the full screen! Thank you :)


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