Monday, November 19, 2012

Darlene, Ernie, Larry, Wendy and Barbara

I spotted this gorgeous, textured jacket and just had to ask for permission to photograph it. The lady was flattered and glad to pose. We walked on down the street chatting. As I was about to ask who she was (I knew I’d seen her someplace before), she stopped to enter Home Again. A-ha, it was Darlene, owner of a great little consignment store in Corning.

The falling leaves
Drift by my window
The falling leaves
Of red and gold

In the background: The Rockwell Museum. Foreground: parking lot of the new transportation center. Corner of Denison Parkway and Cedar Street.

Looking at the transportation center block from the opposite end. The frame of the building itself is complete and covered with plastic to protect it and the workers from the weather.

Stars shine in the windows of the Rockwell Museum.

Ernie creates beautiful scenes in Market Street shop windows.

Larry, semi-retired Star-Gazette writer, continues to comment on Corning Inc. His latest piece is Corning Watch: Gorilla Glass awaits King Kong demand.

I stood back from a street corner so these guys could continue on their way. Made for a good picture. Obviously the driver thought so, too. He stayed right there at the stop sign and smiled brightly until I took more photos.

Last minute touches the day before Exhibit A’s opening at their new spot on Market Street. Stop by and prepared to be bugged!

Centerway Square is being prepped for the holidays. A few lights are up and Santa’s shop has been erected. More to come...

Among the newest shops on Market Street is Crystal City Olive Oil. I totally missed this one as it was being readied. Fascinating place to go for olive oil tastings.

Wendy, owner of Crystal City Olive Oil...

Barbara is bottling my choice, a mushroom and sage infused olive oil. You can read about my first use of it at my food blog Step by Step in the Kitchen where I made Acorn Squash Stuffed with Brown Rice Pilaf.


  1. There are so many interesting people to meet and eperiences to be had my friend, you always remind me of that :D
    And loving the snazzy jacket!


  2. Hi Kathleen, thanks for the nice photo story about Corning. Your town looks safe and inviting. I see no people in the streets. Is it because of the early morning?

    1. Thanks, Selena. You're right, there were few people out yet. Most stores on Market Street don't open till 10 or 11 A.M.


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