Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Riding the Northside-Southside Bus

The morning started off with a quick downpour and then settled in to “hot and humid”. I walked to Wegmans and boarded the bus when it came back round to start the Southside route.

I left the bus all the way across town so I could get a look at the new Park Avenue location for Corning’s Salvation Army Thrift Shop (aka Salvo). While waiting for the bus’ return, I also perused the goods in the Dollar General store, then sauntered over to the nearby Peaches’n’Cream for a child-sized dish of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Mmmm, yum!

Walking in the heat didn’t appeal to me, especially when carrying an umbrella (just in case!), a small bag of purchases from Dollar General, my pocketbook and the dish of ice cream.

Oh no, the seats outside the ice cream store were soaked due to the rain. Across the street, however, bordering the cemetery, was a stone (concrete?) wall. I crossed and settled down on a shady portion of the wall.

At this point in time, I realized that my camera batteries had run down. So, I switched to the iPad and its built-in camera.

On the bus headed back to Corning’s Northside, I couldn’t resist taking more photos. Not through the dirty windows beside me, but through the fairly clean panes on the doors.

The Alternative School for Math & Science (ASMS).

A couple of houses on First Street.

An east end view of Founder’s Pavilion.

The building behind the cars is Guthrie Corning Hospital Cancer Center.

Back at the bus stop where the driver takes a five-minute break.

Almost home, I walked the last few blocks, just for the exercise and glimpses of beauty like this.


Cemetery on west side of Park Avenue ~ August 2011


  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures of Corning. I sure do miss my hometown and things have changed so dramatically. I actually worked at the Corning Hospital now know as Guthrie while in high school. I was with the first graduating class at West Side High in 1964. A lot of the places you referenced weren't even there when I was growing up. Again thank you for the journey through "my neighborhood". There's no place like Home!

    1. My dear Anonymous, I'm glad you wrote to let me know that my photos of Corning are appreciated. Feel free to let your Corning friends (including others who have moved away) about this blog and the Corning photos. I do love sharing what I spot on my walks. Although I'm not originally from Corning, I do know what you mean about hometowns changing so much.

  2. So much greenerie and such lovely things to see in this neighborhood :)

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. CCU, thanks for stopping by and visiting our little community. Hope someday you are able to visit here in person. I'd love to see photos of your Australian hometown!


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