Thursday, August 8, 2013

Corning's Northside Along The Dike And Back On W. William Street

I walked out back and up to the river, not intending to go anywhere. My walks often start that way.

In this set of photos, I'm on the northside and in the pic above, I'm looking over to the southside of Corning at a small set of houses. Most of Corning's southside housing is to the left and unseen in this pic.

Looking back along the dike where I see another view of the Hillview Drive playground.

See all the towers? Pay attention because the next photo is close and UP!

I had to lean against the tower to keep my balance as I moved in as close as possible and looked up.

Speaking of close up, click on a picture and you'll see the close-up version with lots of details.

The Patterson Bridge is undergoing extensive repairs.

Still on the dike alongside the Chemung River, I looked to my right at William Street and noticed these two houses. One pristine and beautifully landscaped. Its neighbor a work in progress.

An escapee from Wegmans!

Now I've left the dike and am walking back parallel to the river, on West William Street. Look close and you'll see that the orange is rust.

Tall yellow flowers and an American flag blowing in a gentle breeze.

Hosta Lilies under a tree. Recycling bins nearby.

I didn't recognize the tall bushes or the flowers, but they were certainly beautiful.

The northside bus.

Approaching home, I stopped to talk with Randy at Hokey Pokey.


  1. Kathleen: A really good post and relaxing to read and enjoy. Great Photo's. Thanks for sharing

    1. Greg, how good to hear from you. It's been a long time. Glad you liked this post. I've started a new Facebook page for Corning NY Step by Step (the last one got hacked!). You're invited to visit and hopefully Like it ~

      The Facebook page will feature these blog posts and more pictures of Corning NY.



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