Monday, August 19, 2013

India Day 2013

Well, I just had the greatest weekend. Mostly on Saturday, which was India Day here in Corning NY. Each year STICA, the Southern Tier India Cultural Association ~ a non-profit organization devoted to building bridges across cultures ~ sponsors this colorful celebration in Centerway Square.

Corning Mayor Rich Negri welcomes attendees to India Day 2013...

In the front row, second from the right, is the new Cultural Diversity Director for Corning Inc...

Before we continue... Corning NY Step by Step is back up on Facebook. I took it down some time ago because my FB account got hacked and I had to start everything over (my personal FB page, CNYSBS and the page I had for Step by Step in the Kitchen--that one is not back up yet). Please come visit my FB page and LIKE Corning NY Step by Step! I'll be posting to let you know when there is a new blog entry. Plus I'll be adding extra pictures of Corning that don't make it to the blog.

Featured throughout the event were readings, music, dance, fashion shows and food. The food is one of my favorite parts of the day. Imagine a plateful of Pakoda, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Makhani, Chole, Matar Paneer, Dal Makhani, Potato Subji, Naan, Rice, Pickle, Raitha and for dessert, Gulab Jamun.

The ladies presented Zumba with an India touch. A subsequent number featured Bollywood music.

The little ones steal the show...

In a nearby park, an entire family gathered for lunch...

Did you remember to click on each pic to enlarge it? I love being able to see the details up close.


  1. What a beautiful commemoration of India Day my friend, so important to us:D


    1. I'm happy that you enjoyed it, CCU. Hope the exams went well (I'm sure they did!).

  2. Wow, it looked a lovely day around your place. there must be Indian Curry was included on the festivity, Kathleen.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Muhammad. All the foods were typically Indian and were absolutely delicious.

  4. Originally the food are more spicy than Indonesian one. I love some of them which are smell nice and delicious. :-)

    1. The foods presented on our India Day were not very spicy, I suppose because of the Americans who were not used to the 'heat".


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