Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nonnie Hood Parent & Resource Center

When my daughter was about four years old, I and many friends, all stay-at-home moms, drove the twenty miles to visit the new Parent Resource Center in Corning. It was a huge playroom, intended to introduce children to the atmosphere of kindergarten and where parents (mostly mothers back then) could have the chance to exchange ideas and concerns with other parents.

Twenty-some years later, my daughter takes her children to the center. I even occasionally tag along.

Everyone is welcome, including out-of-town visitors. A great place for kids and adults to meet and make new friends.

The center is located above the Southeast Steuben County Library. Most parents know you can’t just visit one or the other. Leave the library and the kids head for the elevator to go upstairs to the PRC. Or leave the center, head downstairs, and go straight for the library door. It’s a great package for kids and adults.


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