Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A last glimpse of winter

I'm a huge fan of winter and always hate to see it end. For those readers who welcome the advent of spring, here's one last look at what was...


Click on any picture to see an enlarged version.


With spring comes boating...

...and potholes

...and the last of the melting, muddy snow.


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  1. what a great blog! I`m so happy I found it! Here is so many inspirations and I love it! <3

    Have a nice time,

  2. Thanks, Paula. If you're ever in the United States, hope you'll visit Corning. Such as great little community.

    I checked out your website http://justmydelicious.blogspot.com/ and wish there was an English translation so I could use the recipes. Everything looks yummy.



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