Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday and sunshine at the Corning NY Glass Fest

It's Saturday and I spent three hours downtown at the GlassFest--day two for me. Imagine That's Rody wanted to be in my blog and climbed onto my shoulder. We look good together! Ginny has a huge selection of glass marbles. Who of us who grew up in the 40s and 50s doesn't remember drawing a circle in the dirt?!

For a $1 donation in the fundraiser jar, I got to make my own piece of candy in front of Beyond Baskets. It was yummy, but I think Gary's homemade chocolates are to die for!

Beautiful, small, almost flat vases. The maker cut flowers from his own yard to show off his work. Beautiful...

Click on any picture to see an enlarged version.

I love, love, love these pieces. Wear on necklace chain and everyone will notice...

Look at the one with the paw prints. So cute...

Marilyn Puccio (of Dick and Marilyn) shows off her talent and the ukuleles they sell at Marich Music. Lessons anyone? Ask Marilyn for the details.

Next two photos ~ the front and back of what comes from an old organ. Take a look up close...

At the same antique store, end of East Market Street (Tom Mancuso's place), I was given a tour of old, old, old radios, put back in perfect working condition by the man who gave me the tour. Some floor models; some smaller. All priced under $300...

The oldest - on the right - dates back to 1937.

In front of the antique stores, table after table of older Corning/Revere dishes. No need to search out Ebay; just step up to these tables and you'll find a huge selection...

171 Cedar Arts Center: Red Hot & Raku. I took a video, just over a minute and it's too long to load here. I'll have to figure out how to shorten it. Any ideas?

Corning's Southside Neighborhood Association held a fundraiser at 171 Cedar Arts Center. Sno Cones and Monster Cookies. I asked the girls to hold out some of the monsters so I could get a better shot. Saw a fire truck passing down the street. I headed back towards Market Street and looking back, I saw 4-5 fire fighters walking off munching on cookies..

A street artist has spent several hours creating this buffalo - using pastels - modeled after Tom Gardner's buffalo bursting out of the building on Cedar Street...

I couldn't begin to get to everything today, so I'm going back tomorrow - Sunday. I'm really looking forward to hearing the Hep Cats again. Big Band music with a super songbird - Lou Anne Heth-Carson providing the vocals. 3 - 5 PM in Centerway Square.

See you there? I'm the one with the camera - Canon Power Shot A480.


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