Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Camera!

Merry Christmas to me! Yes, indeed, it’s a very Merry Christmas because my family gifted me with a brand new camera. This one allows me to take close-up shots from far away.

For instance, I stood on the Chemung River dike (northside) and took this photo of one of the out-buildings to the Benjamin Patterson Inn on Pulteney Street, two blocks away.

Then I turned around and took this shot of houses across the river on the southside hill...

From the same position, I panned right all the way past the residential areas and was able to finally see that what I thought was a lone house was really a houseboat...

My previous camera, a small, inexpensive Canon digital really did a good job, but never could get me close to the long shots.

Now I’m working with a Nikon Coolpix L105.

On the Bridge Street bridge, I looked up to the top and saw a pigeon. Look how close and clear I got with this new camera. Love it!

I looked down at J&T Auto Body Shop from the dike to see this one and zoomed in on the back of the bright red plow.

A SPECIAL REMINDER ~ Click just to the left of each photo to see an enlarged version, then back up to return to the blog. Or click directly on a photo and you’ll be able to see enlarged versions of all the photos in this entry. At least that’s how it works for me!

Just to give you an idea of what I can do with the new camera, I’m including a shot I took at three different settings. The first picture is the is what caught my eye, then I moved the lens in closer and took a closer one. I adjusted the lens a third time for the final photo.


(If anyone is looking for a good starter camera for themselves or a child, I’m going to sell my Canon at a low, low price.)


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  1. I am SO happy for you with the new toy!! (a working toy, but still, a fun toy!) Great shots you've taken already. Enjoy and I look forward to lots of close-ups of the New Year!

  2. Thanks Patricia. Didn't you get a new camera this year, too?


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