Saturday, December 17, 2011

Season's Greetings

Almost Christmas again here in Corning, New York, and still no snow, at least not that I’ve seen. Hurry up snow, I want some. In fact, I may throw in some snow photos from last winter.

Also, if you want to get more in the mood for Christmas in Corning, take a look at the pictures I posted in December 2010.

Merry Christmas!!


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STEP BY STEP IN THE KITCHEN ~ also by Kathleen Richardson


  1. Tis the season Kathleen. Bite your tongue. I don't want snow this year. We had too much last year and the year before.

    Thanks for dropping by. I wonder how many people will understand your comment? I did. Right on the money.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Oh come on, I love snow (not counting ice and wind!). We truly have such moderate weather here compared to so many other place. I like a bit of variety. But, I'll wish for you this year... less snow.

    About the comment, good thing I saw the movie once upon a time or I never would have known. BTW, I was blown by the colored version of your Rosebud.


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