Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Corning Headquarters ~ Reflections

Welcome to the New Year...

It's only been a week or so since Christmas and receiving my new camera. Still loving the difference this Nikon makes in the quality and detail in the photos I take.

I took these pictures of the front of the Corning Inc. headquarters building from a distance, then did some cropping on the computer.

I'm often surprised and pleased by what I see and photograph on my walks, but because the screen on the camera is so small and my eyesight is not so good, it's the finished product that sometimes takes my breath away.

What actually IS and what each of us SEES are not necessarily the same. Reflections can be deceiving. For instance, look at yourself in a mirror, then the next time you're walking on a downtown city street, look at your reflection in a window. Well, before I get too reflective, I invite you to enlarge each photo and notice what's really there... or is it?


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STEP BY STEP IN THE KITCHEN ~ also by Kathleen Richardson


  1. These are gorgeous photographs...thank you and have a wonderfully happy and healthy New Year!

  2. Thank you, kadelson. Happy new year to you, too!


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