Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Early Morning Walk to the Dentist

These lovely ladies were walking through Centerway Square when I was passing by early one morning after a trip to the dentist. On the left is Pam Weachock, Market Street Coffee and Tea. With Pam is Ginny Coon, Imagine That! Children's Shop.

Now, to start at the beginning ...

I had an 8 AM appointment with my dentist. I set out early because I know how much time I'm apt to spend stopping and taking photos. I timed it just right.

Heading east, it's still dark enough for the street lights to remain on.

Turning around to look behind me, with whatever sunrise there is at my back, the scene looks much lighter.

Across the river and all the way to the east end of Market Street. Looking at the rear of Market Street businesses (south side), a more recent view of the location of Corning's new transportation center. That's the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in the back.

Standing on the southside of Denison Parkway, at the corner of Wall Street, looking westward. The transportation center is on the right across the street.

Red Arrow Laundry...

Continuing east on Denison Parkway, Corning Hospital is on my right.

Across the street, Friendship Baptist Church, backed by Dayspring Apartments

Looking back at Corning City Hall...

Standing at the entrance to Corning Dental Associates, looking at Founders Pavilion, Inc., a skilled nursing facility.

And now I'm headed back home, passing the Radison Hotel between Denison Parkway and Tioga Avenue.

As always, a quick stop to wander through Wegmans for a few items I need...

This is what the same shot looked like a few days previous when they had yet to set up the new aisles in the middle of the store...


  1. A simple but beautiful walk through of your home my friend, thank you :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Glad you liked it, CCU. This was really from last week. This week I'm back in Maryland and D.C. for the rest of the month. I have so-o got to catch up on reading my emails/blogs (including yours which I can't stand to miss!)

  2. That was a lovely walk through your neighbourhood. I completely understand the need to put photographing time into any journey plan!
    All the best to you :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sally. I'm so enjoying your blog and pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk :-)

  4. Nice picture walk. I,m glad I drive the truck every day instead to see those same views.If I did a picture by picture shot of my route it would take a while.

    1. Sometimes I set out for a short walk and three or four hours later, I'll arrive home. Have to stop, take pictures and talk. I wish I had your truck, Clayton, so I could get to every point in town more often.

  5. It was nice reading this blog. Thanks for sharing and keep posting

    1. Glad you stopped by. When you next have the urge to get out of the city, come visit our wonderful community.


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