Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In the past, I've always given these posts a title. Truth is, it's often a frustrating task because the photos within an entry vary so much. So, from now on, unless I'm covering a very specific topic, no titles! Hmmm, have I said this before?

Anyways, welcome to Corning, New York, USA...

Going up the hill on Corning's south side.

A treehouse. Really!


Southeast Steuben County Library.

First time ever, I spotted this coming across the Bridge St bridge on September 21.

Lowell Taylor Entertainment. I think that's an Elmira NY phone number.

Walking the dike by the Chemung River on the north side. South side (west end) hill in the background.

Market Street.

More Market Street.

Moving east to west.

Homemade chocolate at Beyond Baskets.

Pulteney Street (Route 415). A grayish day after it rained all night.

Did you remember to click on the photos to see an enlarged version?


  1. Kathleen, I love reading Corning NY blog. Every time this is like a short trip to your place. How old is your city?

    Oh, I would like to send you a Christmas card. Could you give me your postal address, if you don't mind it? Please mail me to selen15367@yahoo.com

    1. "The first settlement in the town of Corning was made near the site of the future city in 1796. The community was set apart from the town as a village in 1848. Corning was incorporated as a city in 1890" (from Wikipedia.com)

      Selena, thanks for stopping by. I've sent the address.

  2. This tree house looks very attractive to the child in me!
    As do the chocolates!!

    1. I've always loved tree houses. Had one when I was a kid (so many years ago). Aren't those chocolates wonderful! He makes all kinds right there at the store.


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