Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Farmers' Market

Walking home from an early morning appointment, I saw the Farmers’ Market set up in Riverfront Centennial Park. Although this outside market opened several weeks ago, it was my first stop there this year.

Corning is a small community -- population under 12,000 -- so the Farmers’ Market is small, yet colorful, fun and full of fresh foods and handcrafted items.

What first catches my eye every year are the flowers. Yep, the flower lady is back again with her beautiful bouquets of homegrown flowers. Check out Market Street on Thursdays during the summer and fall for the many colorful bouquets being carried to cars and offices.

In May I wrote about a new store on Market Street -- AnnaMarri Soy Candles -- The AnnaMarri booth at the Farmers’ Market featured not only their handmade soy candles but also fabric covered notebooks and beautiful fabric bags by Karen, which can also be found in the store.

Look for Elizabeth Whitehouse each week and her eclectic collection of goodies, including her miniature books (not pictured).

The honey, wax figures and candles pictured here are all produced locally...

Carrot tops? A beet leaf? I wonder what else...

Gorgeous basil, beets, radishes, lettuces and much more -- all grown in this area...


Thanks to this couple from Illinois for allowing me to photograph them. They are in the area to visit the Corning Museum of Glass.

Laura Dickerman of Beyond Baskets' Palate Cafe and Juice Bar "where you ART what you eat"...


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  1. The farmers market is one of the best ever no doubt :D
    So fresh and wonderful produce!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Small but sweet. Love talking with the vendors and the people buying.


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