Thursday, June 27, 2013

Transportation Center, Wineglass Marathon And More

Corning has a new transportation center on Dennison Parkway, between Wall and Cedar Streets. Various local and area busses will be picking up and dropping off passengers here instead of in the several different locations on Tioga Avenue. Some air conditioning or heat while waiting, public restrooms, lots of comfortable seating, and possibly snack machines will be a welcome change for riders. I don’t know for sure, but am guessing that long distance busses such as Trailways and Greyhound will also use this facility.

At the west end of that same block, a parking lot. Seen here Aniello’s Pizzeria and Glaswerk Optical.


Wall of Fame...

I have a feeling that Wineglass Marathon preparations start soon after the previous year's event.

Market Street shopper in front of VanHeusen. Oh, that’s my daughter! :)

Another view of Market Street.

My daughter, my grandsons and I stopped for homemade ice cream in a brand new shop on Market Street ~ Dippity Do Dah.


  1. A very wonderful gift for my weekend, Kathleen. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.

  2. I like the name of the ice cream maker :-) The ice cream looks good!

    1. It makes me want to break into song each time I pass by, Carine. Instead, I quietly hum :)

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  4. I really feel transported to your neighborhood by looking at these pictures.
    The ice cream looks so yummy , I'm sure the three of you enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks for sharing these impressions of summer in your area!


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