Friday, July 12, 2013

...And The Rain Keeps Pouring In Corning NY

Today's photos were taken at the end of June and beginning of July, during the week my son was visiting. We'd all hoped for clear weather so lots of short trips and grilling could fill our days. It didn't happen that way. Every day featured some sunshine, but also included rain at some point or other.

If you enlarge and look closely at each picture, you'll see raindrops, even on the leaves of the flowers above.

Too much rain is not good for the benches.

Four trees were cut down in between downpours. Now the homeowner, friends, family and village workers clear up the branches.

I rode back to the State of Maryland with my son on July 6 and am here for a couple of weeks. Would you believe, no rain (except for a couple of 2-3 minute sprinkles) until last night and today it continues, on and on. We've stayed close to home. He's been working an average of eleven hours a day and I've got a leg that's giving me trouble if I use it too much.

A Vacation Glimpse of Maryland and DC

We love to eat out and have many, many choices between Washington D.C. and Baltimore MD ~ Annapolis, Alexandria, Laurel, Columbia, Silver Spring and many others. So far this year we've concentrated on the nearby Waugh Chapel Towne Centre. What a fancy name for a shopping mall! I've noticed that this mall, as well as others in the area, have huge multi-story apartment complexes built right next to them. Out your door and you're in this new mall. We've eaten at Wegmans Market Cafe and Elevation Burger. (I originally said we ate at Red Robin, but realized after a couple of days that we checked out Red Robin and they weren't open yet, so we went next door to Elevation Burger.)

More Vacation Photos From Maryland

Saturday's prediction is for 85-degrees Fahrenheit and low humidity, so we might travel to D.C. Stops may include the U.S. Botanic Garden to see the blooming Titum Arum (corpse flower or stinky plant). Also, I have a gift for Koomo--manager of Chocolate Chocolate in downtown Washington, D.C. and serious collector of shot glasses.

Maryland Vacation


  1. The weather hasn't been very good around NYC either. We go out with both an umbrella and sunglasses. Come on summer, stay with us for a while :-)

    1. We had our rain in Maryland, one big day of steady rain. And now my last week here in MD, the sun is making up for it, with 90+ degrees all week. I'm staying inside, Carine.


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