Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's June ~ or is it?

We experiencing the strangest weather here in Corning, although it’s probably not any stranger than the weather in other parts of the U.S. or the world. The thing is, it’s June and you’d think it would warm and sunny, maybe a bit humid. That’s what you’d think.

Yet in the past week we’ve had really hot weather, we’ve had rain, hail, thunderstorms and windy days. Today hovered in the 60s (fahrenheit) with some rain. The rainy period started off with grey skies. I sat on the porch for a few minutes of it and while there, the sun came blazing out for just a short time and the rain kept on.

These are a few photos I’ve taken recently. No rhyme or reason to them. They just caught my eye.

The DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation has responsibility for mowing along the river. The budget must have been cut because they let the grass grow several feet high before sending out the mowers.

Not too far from home, at the corner of Hillvue Avenue, these roses charm me every year. Well, not these exact same ones; these are the descendants of last year’s roses.

Definitely windy enough and warm enough to hang out clothes to dry. Clothespins waiting.


Only four photos, you ask? All right, let’s see a few from the end of May...

Like, the log cabin at the Benjamin Patterson Inn with apple trees in front.

Look at the gorgeous bushes. Yes, that’s a house hiding behind them.

Corning Natural Gas at the end of West William Street.

Last but not least, vendors tents set up on Market Street for a recent (annual) GlassFest.


I didn't attend the 2012 Glass Fest. Looking back, I was surprised to see that I devoted three blog posts to the event in 2011...

A celebration of Glass

Saturday and sunshine at the Corning NY Glass Fest

Glass Fest 2011 - the final day


On a totally different subject, thanks to Choc Chip Uru (fondly known as CCU) for nominating Corning NY Step by Step for The Sunshine Award and The Kreative Blogger Award. Thanks muchly, CCU. (Dear Readers ~ If you like chocolate recipes, photos and inspiring words, be sure to take a look at CCU's blog.)


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  1. Wow my friend be careful - the weather looks horribly unpredictable! I hear you though, our Aussie summer in jan was a disaster - may as well monsoon reason :P
    You are very welcome for the award my friend and thank you for such a sweet shout out :)


    1. Hi CCU, thanks for stopping by. The weather is settling, 60s and 70s and sunny, occasional rains. I like the lower temperatures. Makes walking much more comfortable.

  2. I continue to enjoy strolling through Corning with you! Even though I live in Hhds, Corning seems like home. I agree - what's with this weather? It's been confused for months now! Greetings, and wishes for a happy today!!

    ps: Am on the verge of doing something with my blog again.

    1. Patricia! So nice to hear from you again. When you get back into blogging, post something here on my blog with a link for all my readers.

  3. --Great Photos, Kathleen.

    My Fave. is the clothes line w/ the clothes pins. Love that!

    1. It's among my favorites, too, Kim. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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